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Celebrity Gossip by Akishah

Queen of Kenyan Pop/RnB/Boomba

Amani produces a movie
The singer Amani has morphed into the movie industry. Her first appearance was in the movie “Wamba”. This film takes place in the 1990and follows Wamba and a group of his friends who live in California- a suburban in the city of Nairobi. Having to deal with the frustration of the unknown deadly disease of AIDS, the whole community is worried and are left to wonder what spell had befallen on them. He starts to sell old used books for survival and his friends also lend a helping hand…. Get a copy of this movie and trust me utaipenda.

Double M

Mercy Myra is back.
The Kenyan singer is said to be making her long return into the music industry after being in the United States for the last couple of years. She’s said to be performing in Minneapolis with a 8 piece band. Other artists who will be joining her include the Ugandan singer Roy Kapale and Tanzanian songstress Erica Lulakwa.


It went down some time last month that the presentation of the awards took place. This year’s host was the beautiful Queen Latifah. The main perfoemers of this year included Kanye West, Usher, T.I., Eminem, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, B.o.B(ft Keyshia Cole), T-Pain, Monica(with Deniece Williams), Drake, Young Jeezy, Diddy-Dirty Money(ft Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) DJ Khaled(ft Busta Rhymes) Ttey Songz. The artist that has performed most times is Beyonce.

BET awards

Its said that the famous hip-hop and r&b artists jay-z beyonce and rihanna did not attend the BET Award ceremony because the r&b artist Chris Brown was performing at the event. What childish behaviour are these celebs trying to portray????????

It has also come to our notice that the r&b artist Beyonce had a secret affair with the rap artist Justin Timberlake. She revealed this in an interview and also said that he is a great kisser. Wooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Hope you chix ain waiting for a kiss from the charming man, he ain gon kiss you but you know, things happen.
What more are we expecting from our celebs????????

                        A stanza of one of ma poems: 
                                        Its in your arms I find comfort
                                        In your embrace I find love
                                        In your smile I find life
                                       Cant explain these
                                       Because with your words
                                     Glorious melodies do I heart
                                     That make me feel you near
                                    and want to squeeze you tighter
                                     and not think of the future,,…

                                                                                 by Akishah

The Music Industry, by Akishah

Wedding Bells

Hot Wife
On Monday 28th June 2010, Talia Oyando tied the knot with Ezekiel Onyango at the Attorney generals chambers but plans to do it formally are still on. Only a few people attended the ceremony. We wish the couple all the best!

Bongo kashikana Na Genge: Jua Kali’s 1st bongo collabo

The king of Genge crossed the border to dares salaam to do a collabo with Bwana Misosi famed for the tracks ‘heshima nitoke vipio’, mabinti wa kitanga’ and ‘heshima’ ft Redsan.The new song goes by the name ‘huezi jua’ ft jua Kali.The song was recorded at the Fisharab Records and was produced by Lamar. This is what we mean by East Africa Community integration.

 Own a part of Namless!

His wardrobe at least….we all know who owns him. Guys were to bid for Nameless’s glasses, I mean sunglasses, at the music for hemophiliacs second annual fundraising dinner held on 26th June at the Carnivore grounds for a whooping ksh.15000 as the starting bid price. His durag was set to begin at ksh.5000.OMG! Can’t wait to see his new look. You had better look good to rock ma world (plus the chic fans).Point of note though, the sunglasses were bought for ksh.60000, Yes most of our salaries, not monthly but several months. What the…..!!???

Deceptions: A true Kenyan soap opera revelation

Baby Mama??

It came as a rude shock that our very own prominent artist, Nazizi: 1st lady of Kenyan rap, has been married for the past 2years!!More surprise are in store as it is rumored that early last month (June), the singer delivered a bouncing baby boy who was named Kamar .Jesus Christ! Who saw this coming??

Anywho congratulations to mama Kamar!In related news, she hinted that a single by Necessary Noise is going to be released in the near future.

Karma (Eunice Kamau) wedded
you may kiss the bride

It seems like the perfect season/year to get married if you’re a Kenyan female celebrity especially a singer. The bootylicious and highly talented singer Karma famed for the hit collabo ’Tatizo’ got married to a Mr. Francis waruhati much to the disappointment of all her male fans and admirers. The wedding took place at NPC woodly while the reception was held at the Nairobi chapel grounds. All young men who had eyes for her will now have to forever hold their peace.We wish the newlyweds all the best and hope to hear some new songs from the singer.

Gramps Morgan Live in concert at the Carnivore!

Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage is set to visit Kenya soon, actually on 10th July 2010 at the renowned Carnivore grounds. He will be featuring his band at the charity show organized by Hands across Kenya and the dohty family. Sources have confirmed that he will be arriving on 8th June 2010.

The East African Connection

Sometime ago when Sean Kingston was in Africa, he claimed to have admired AY’s work and he said that he would like to work with him. AY has further confirmed that they will be doing a collabo with Kingstone in the near future.Way to go AY!

Is Ray C an energizing drink?


Tanzanian singer Ray C is going to be the new face of a Kenyan energy drink which will be launched soon. She revealed this during one of her performances’ am all for the EAC spirit but the question is, couldn’t the makers not find a Kenyan female singer to promote the Kenyan drink to a Kenyan market.(Hope they are getting the drift here).Tough luck for the energy drink company but good bargain for Ray C,she will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Wassup guys? It’s been disturbing me how Kimathi University has lacked ways in which it can nurture people’s talents. I know many people can sing, dance or involve themselves in different activities that concern arts especially music like deejaying.

We should take the initiative of coming up with ways in which we could improve on our talents. I personally would encourage people to come together, talk on ways we can change’ Kimathi music industry’ (hope it will come into existence soon).I know there is no single person who doesn’t like money, and through music there can be cash inflow and I have witnessed it. People come from scratch and have made it for themselves through music.

It’s time we took or stand and decided on what our future will be in our music industry not only in Kenya but also internationally. Let’s start with the little we can and I know we’ll go far with all our efforts put together.

Never lie to kidsNever lie to kids by Victor Tadoh Chege Oluoch

There was this guy sunbathing in the nude at the beach. Well, this little girl comes up to him, so he covers his private parts with a newspaper.

The little girl says, ‘What’s under there?’

So the man answers, ‘A bird.’

The girl goes away and the man falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is in a hospital and in great pain.

A doctor comes up to his bed and asks, ‘What happened?’

The man answers, ‘I don’t know. I was at the beach and I fell asleep after talking to a little girl.’

So the doctor tells this to the Police, and they go to the beach to find any witnesses.

When they get there, they saw the little girl the man was talking about. So they ask her if she did anything to the man.

She answers, ‘ I didn’t do anything to the man, but while he was sleeping, I played with his bird. After a while, it spit at me, so I broke its neck, burned its nest, and smashed all its eggs.

A message to Roy Hodgson. You poor, poor man by Victor Tadoh Chege Oluoch

‘I’m actually delighted that Liverpool have appointed Roy Hodgson, and I actually have a bit of advice for him. “Sell, sell, sell!!” I have been of the belief for quite a few months now that the only way that Liverpool are going to be able to rebuild a top 4 team without massive investment from a rich investor is to sell Torres and Gerrard’

‘I for one welcome this brave new era of players playing in position, as well as possibly improving at the club.’

‘I think he’s going to be a benign presence, an old wise head, like Del Bosque has been for Real and for Spain, who’ll get Liverpool playing decent football and instill some team spirit’

‘Mark Manning seems to think that England are just like Spurs. A top eight team that reaches quarter finals. Well, it was top four last season and a cup semi-final, but don’t let that ruin the comparison, will you’

NYS vs Kimathi University (The Titans) Match Report by Simon Mwangi


Date:  June 20, 2010
Time: 12PM (GMT+3) 
Venue: City Park Stadium.
Possession: NYS40-60 The Titans

Half-time scores: NYS 0-4 The Titans

Full Time Scores: NYS 0-9 The Titans

Match Report

It was a high score game after the Titans demolished NYS with a 9-0 defeat. The titans drew first blood in the 4th minute when Chris Mchwanju found the back of the net past the NYS goalkeeper, Simon Maina. Fredrick Nyaga dribbled past two defenders to hand Simon Mwangi a giftedpass to make it 2-0 in the 14th minute. In the 29thminute, another superb goal came from Austin Anyangu, who just came on for Simon Mwangi to drive in the powerful shot at goal. One minute later, Chris added his second goal to make it 4-0 at the half time break.

Just 2 minutes into the second half, The Titans had a break to make the score 5-0 after Simon Mwangi completed a counter attack. All hellbroke loose for the Titans as NYS came blazing, firing towards the Titans goalbut failed to convert the attacks into goals. Brian Ahenda cut through the NYSdefence, and startled Simon Maina with a powerful shot at goal to make it 6-0.The NYS had various attempts on goal which kept the Titans defence on toes.Musyoka gave the Titans defence a headache with his dribbles and good stickwork. It was a good day for Chris as he got his hat trick with an outstandinggoal from zero angle.  Dancun Mutumas cored the seventh goal as Joseph Nga’ng’a wrapped it up after scoring a goalfrom a penalty stroke.

Mombasa Sports Club vs Kimathi University (The Titans) Match Report by Simon Mwangi

Mombasa Sports Club vs Kimathi University (The Titans) Match Report Date: June 27, 2010 Time: 10 AM (GMT+3) Venue: City Park Stadium, Nairobi MSC Squad: 13 Amos Wanjala 17 Charles Kambona (cpt) 2 Edwin Mahanga 3 Calvince Odhianbo 9 George Otieno 10 Jared Omwel 14 Ronald Kelel 7 Brian Karimi Kibera 5 Fredrick Juma 8 Titus Stephen 1 Euya Buteyo (GK) 16 Bob Festus Mavaka 15 Charles Munyasya The Titans Squad: 12 Brian Ahenda 23 Chris Mchwanju 20 AustinAnyangu 17 Daniel Waweru 4 Francis Nyaga 9 Dennis Rama 10 Fredrick Nyaga (cpt) (Yellow 1’;) 1 David Mathenge (GK) 21 Joseph Ng’ang’a 18 Kihoro Wambugu 13 Misheck Ngunjiri (Yellow 27’;) 26 Mutuma Duncan 19 Brian Alumasa 15 Philip Omoit 16 Simon Mwangi 14 Stanley Njenga Umpires: Rajkaran Giddie Indergit Matharu Judges: AS. Jawdu Possession: MSC 50-50 The Titans Half-time scores: MSC 1-1 The Titans Full Time Scores: MSC 1-2 The Titans It was a tough game as The Titans locked horns with an equally matched MSC side. The possession was all a draw for the whole game. The scoring begun at the 13th minute interval, with Simon Mwangi picking a loose ball and driving it to the board with a hard push. MSC equalized 13 minutes later through a penalty stroke scored by Titus Stephen. The second half saw both teams miss many chances to seal the game and declare a defeat. David Mathenge , the Titans Goalkeeper, made some wonderful saves which made him the man of the match. Chris Mchwanju scored the second goal for the Titans to make it a 1-2 win over MSC.

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