A message to Roy Hodgson. You poor, poor man by Victor Tadoh Chege Oluoch

‘I’m actually delighted that Liverpool have appointed Roy Hodgson, and I actually have a bit of advice for him. “Sell, sell, sell!!” I have been of the belief for quite a few months now that the only way that Liverpool are going to be able to rebuild a top 4 team without massive investment from a rich investor is to sell Torres and Gerrard’

‘I for one welcome this brave new era of players playing in position, as well as possibly improving at the club.’

‘I think he’s going to be a benign presence, an old wise head, like Del Bosque has been for Real and for Spain, who’ll get Liverpool playing decent football and instill some team spirit’

‘Mark Manning seems to think that England are just like Spurs. A top eight team that reaches quarter finals. Well, it was top four last season and a cup semi-final, but don’t let that ruin the comparison, will you’

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