Celebrity Gossip by Akishah

Queen of Kenyan Pop/RnB/Boomba

Amani produces a movie
The singer Amani has morphed into the movie industry. Her first appearance was in the movie “Wamba”. This film takes place in the 1990and follows Wamba and a group of his friends who live in California- a suburban in the city of Nairobi. Having to deal with the frustration of the unknown deadly disease of AIDS, the whole community is worried and are left to wonder what spell had befallen on them. He starts to sell old used books for survival and his friends also lend a helping hand…. Get a copy of this movie and trust me utaipenda.

Double M

Mercy Myra is back.
The Kenyan singer is said to be making her long return into the music industry after being in the United States for the last couple of years. She’s said to be performing in Minneapolis with a 8 piece band. Other artists who will be joining her include the Ugandan singer Roy Kapale and Tanzanian songstress Erica Lulakwa.


It went down some time last month that the presentation of the awards took place. This year’s host was the beautiful Queen Latifah. The main perfoemers of this year included Kanye West, Usher, T.I., Eminem, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, B.o.B(ft Keyshia Cole), T-Pain, Monica(with Deniece Williams), Drake, Young Jeezy, Diddy-Dirty Money(ft Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) DJ Khaled(ft Busta Rhymes) Ttey Songz. The artist that has performed most times is Beyonce.

BET awards

Its said that the famous hip-hop and r&b artists jay-z beyonce and rihanna did not attend the BET Award ceremony because the r&b artist Chris Brown was performing at the event. What childish behaviour are these celebs trying to portray????????

It has also come to our notice that the r&b artist Beyonce had a secret affair with the rap artist Justin Timberlake. She revealed this in an interview and also said that he is a great kisser. Wooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Hope you chix ain waiting for a kiss from the charming man, he ain gon kiss you but you know, things happen.
What more are we expecting from our celebs????????

                        A stanza of one of ma poems: 
                                        Its in your arms I find comfort
                                        In your embrace I find love
                                        In your smile I find life
                                       Cant explain these
                                       Because with your words
                                     Glorious melodies do I heart
                                     That make me feel you near
                                    and want to squeeze you tighter
                                     and not think of the future,,…

                                                                                 by Akishah

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