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KUCTSO 2010/2011 Election Winners

Kevin Oganga
Vice Chairperson
Morris Mwirigi Kaburu
Secretary General
Robert Kiplangat Ngetich
Finance Secretary
Joseph Maina Ichagua
Community and External Affairs
Rehema Hamisi Mwakurichwa
Catering and Accomodation
Vincent Wanjuki Mathenge

Sports and Entertainment
Nancy Nyathira Wanjohi
Academic Secretary
Peter Itotia Muturi


Father and son evening stroll as the sun goes down;
He taps my shoulder and says:
“You are a success legend my son
Go ahead, go get it, life awaits you with greatness
Don’t you be stumbled, there are many ways through
Go my child go;
Dream whatever you desire to dream,
Go wherever you wish,
Seek whatever you desire
Coz life is unique by how you shape it;
Life is beautiful and the beauty you behold inside,
Will beget success.

You’ll be there someday, hold high your breath
You can go the distance, miles and miles you’ll come out alive
Don’t you be scared, you’ll find your way
I crane my neck ahead there Is a treasure for you
You can’t wither, you’ll weather all the storms
Coz a journey of victory isn’t devoid of thorns and thwarts
Take heart my son, you have my blessings
And my spirit will forever hover over you
I tell it to your tender face, you’ll make a great man
To carry our name with prestige down our pedigree
Fight my son fight, tough it out you are a success legend.

I was once like you with troubles of a man who desire success
My father was a peasant gardener,
My mother a desperate housewife
I was in misery, my soul was weary and my heart was laboring,
But my mother said a prayer for me every night
And I could feel her hugs and kisses in my bed of desolation,
I learnt to take a step in life, to walk and to fly;
Mama cried for every step I took in life and thanked God
And my papa’s glory of his old age was the merits of his wisdom
My father my mentor my inspiration passed on
Sorrow of the bereaved onto us but I knew I had to make it through.

My son you’ll wear in life and your soul shall tear,
Not an iota of water to cool your throat in the tough terrain;
But the beauty you behold inside shall outweigh all the fear
Be strong my son don’t you surrender and live to fight for another day;
Two steps in front, one behind you’re still going ahead my son
Listen to your heart, don’t you chance the battle of flesh and soul
Don’t you flare up a fire to break your inside;
Be a man of integrity, it goes with a price
My blood runs in your veins, I will forever be with you
Never to give up on you, never to live your side;
My breath may expire but I pray the Lord my soul to take,
And in heaven, I’ll watch over you and guide your steps.

It pleasures my soul to see you take your first step in life;
Walk my son walk, learn to fly and take your mother with you
We are all she made us, a mother of great men;
When you learn to flap your wings and fly, take her with you
And don’t you forget her children, they’ll carry you someday;
Shelter her from the storms, she is the love of my life
When she is left without me, catch her breath as she sobs;
Bewail and lament her gone lover with her, tell her I loved her
I’ll forever hold her hand in mine and feel her heart close to mine;
Take care of her we danced in love she’ll stumble in sorrow.
Shower her with smiles, your victory will light up her heart;
You must make it my son, for your mother you must.

I can’t hold back my tears, I hold his hand in mine and reassure him:
“Yes father I can go the distance, I’ll find my way, I’ll make it there;
The cold may explode and the path may be long but you’ll always be,
Never will I chicken out but farther I’ll become, for you I will
For my mother, our guardian angel I will;
I’ll swim the ocean, I’ll go the distance
But father you won’t die on us, you’ll never give up on us
You’ll be the first to tread the grounds of success;
And I’ll follow with mother and her children,
Together we’ll never part eternally.”
The sun has already gone down.
For all I’ve been,
For all I am,
And for all I hope to be,
I’ll be your son, for I owe it all unto you.
Father and mother I love you endlessly.

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