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Mount Kenya sevens received much hype days before it took down here at KUCT’s Dedans Park and as such a blasting event was expected out of it and for sure it didn’t disappoint. Rumours had it that the event would be streamed on youtube by the Google team but do I say. This was the first edition of the annual Mount Kenya sevens that brought together teams from five institutions including the host Kamathi University, Kenya Polytechnic, Catholic University, M.K.U and Nyeri technical. These institutions formed eight teams with the host having a larger share of teams, three of them; Dedans, Marshalls and KUCT select, as the rest formed the other five. The two day event kicked off on Saturday as from midday with a slow start as a result of lateness of some teams but the event picked up as the teams battled for the four cups; the main cup, shield, plate and bowl, starting out in the pools. The fan base was amazing notable guys being Mirii Karanja and the Andalas, a trio of three sisters Terry, Patricia and another of their sister.

Chics clad all colorful and I’m kinda sure guys had an amazing time appreciating God’s work and for the lucky one contacts exchanged. Day two marked the finals in various categories. The Marshalls bagged the shield while bowl and plate were won by Catholic University and Kenya Polytechnic respectively. The big day was for the monks who won the main cup presented to them in a colorful ceremony graced by the dean of students. The most valuable player went to Friday Alube who together with his twin brother Saturday raised eyebrows for their spectacular performance. The most promising player was Dedans’ Joseph Babere.
Friday Alube (left) and Babz (right) share a moment with Mr. Mirii Karanja

The crowd was not that psyched up though and the cheering wasn’t that much, you may say leading to the question does our local sporting need a revolution? Despite that downside, the event was largely successful and we appreciate everyone who took their time to make the event a memorable one.


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