Kimathi, A Home of Cultures

Just like a jungle comprised of animals with different species, different ways of life and eating habits, a university setting is a clear image of the same environment. In a jungle,there is struggle for existence for the minority ones while the superior are said to run the ‘business’. On the contrary, KUCT stood out as an institution where cultural diversity is something worth bragging about. The integration of different cultures, apart from enhancing peaceful co-existence between students it has also boosted the efforts by various government institutions to enhance national unity.
The recently concluded cultural week gave a platform to various appreciation of cultures that the university is wealthy of. The Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo and Luhya cultures were among the many that were appreciated. The students hailing from these communities had demonstrations of their favorite meals and dances. It was pomp and color as the stage was filled to the brim with students dancing to the tunes of various songs from different cultural backgrounds.
The Luhya community opened the stage with their Isukuti and kamaveka dances thanks to the preparations made by KUMSA. Their favorite meal ingokho and traditional vegetable isucha was served with ugali. Women dressed in their traditional outfits served men as a show of respect as expected of them in the Luhya culture. It was all jeers as they left the stage dancing to the tune of the famous Mukangala song. What a culture!
The Luo community followed on stage with their Ohangla dance well organized by the Ramogi association. As the dances went down, one could tell how the whole crowd cheered and joined them in their peacock like moves. Thefamous Tony Nyadundo hits graced their time at the stage with the mammoth crowd singing and dancing to the tunes.
The Kalenjin community came third on stage with the famous hit, Emilly chepchumba by Motomoto band. Mouth-watering dishes prepared by the team were served to the students. The aroma of murisik,isochot and kimyet filled the entire hall as the lucky bit had a chance to taste the delicacies. The stage was made full to capacity when the hit kiptindinyo was put. The security personnel had to come in to limit the number of people on stage as dancing styles from all walks of life were up for grabs. Thanks to the preparation made by Kirisa-Kitwek association as the whole demonstration was a success!
The Kikuyu community closed the session with Mugithi almost bursting up the roofs of the strongest building around, the Catholic hall! It wasn’t a stage anymore since everybody was up on their feet dancing to the tunes of Ken Wamaria. As the DJ ended the songs it was all heckling at him with dissatisfaction for they all wanted the songs to continue. What a lovely evening!
As the decks and turntables were bundled up and the music dwindled off it was all lessons well learnt! Appreciating one another regardless of their origin was a virtue to borrow from the crowd moving events. The esteemed academicians were reminded of their roots but at the same time the fact that that should not be a basis of disunity among them was emphasized. Just as everyone danced to the tunes of different origin and enjoyed the delicacies as a united KUCT,the same is expected of us in our daily activities. It is our responsibility to shun away tribalism then sit back and enjoy the cultural diversity the KUCT community brags of. Unity moves mountains, trust me.
by: Juma Stephen

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