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Inginuity lands this boy a scholarship to the most expensive school in the country


Richard Turere, 13, is from Kitengela, on the edge of the Nairobi National Park, in Kenya. He started herding his family's cattle when he was just nine.

Richard Turere, 13, has found an innovative way to protect his family’s cattle from lions

He created “Lion Lights,” which keeps the predators away from the family’s enclosure

The Kenyan boy will speak about his invention at the TED 2013 conference

Turere has been invited to speak at the TED 2013 conference in California about his invention. Here, he is practicing his presentation ahead of his speech Tuesday.

(CNN)— Richard Turere, 13, doesn’t like lions. In fact, he hates them. Yet this bright Maasai boy has devised an innovative solution that’s helping the survival of these magnificent beasts — by keeping them away from humans.

Living on the edge of Nairobi National Park, in Kenya, Turere first became responsible for herding and safeguarding his family’s cattle when he was just nine. But often, his valuable livestock would be raided by the lions roaming the park’s sweet savannah grasses, leaving him to count the losses.

“I grew up hating lions very much,” says Turere, who is from Kitengela, just south of the capital Nairobi. “They…

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