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More feelings for Caroline, a potential return for Tyler

With the return of “The Vampire Diaries” more than just a little ways away, we don’t really have much we can do right now outside of dish about some of the major events that are soon to occur on our TV screens.

In the case of Candice Accola’s Caroline, we still have a sort of love triangle playing out between her, Matt, and Tyler — even though the latter is at the moment out of the picture. So how does Accola see it? Speaking to MTV News, the actress ultimately explains that much of your feelings about the romance are going to depend based on your feelings about love in general:

“With Caroline and Matt there’s so much of a first love feeling to their relationship. But with Caroline and Tyler there’s that sense of a budding relationship from a friendship. So I think it goes back to that question, what’s better? You know, what brings about a better relationship? If it stems from a friendship or … do you need that immediate connection of lust and love?”

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