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From idea to business in 48 hours!

Running Dates: IPO 48 29.-31. October 2010 Nairobi, Kenya
Registration deadline: 7th October 2010

IPO4 is a boot-camp-style initiative to build new web and mobile services in just 48 hours. The best team gets 1’000’000 Ksh in investment.

IPO48 takes place on the last weekend of October in Nairobi, Kenya. We are hosted by Strathmore University

Goals of IPO48

  • Demonstrate with real-life examples, that teams can turn an idea into a working prototype or service within one weekend
  • Show that start-up companies can be started with really lean budget and with low costs (no need for big investments)
  • Promote entrepreneurship and start-up culture in Kenya and Africa
  • Get to know new people and participate in a fun event


How it works?

  • Register for IPO48, choose a role based on your skill set
  • Everybody can submit business ideas on HumanIPO(a platform aiming to help entrepreneurs to implement their ideas effectively through collaboration with mentors, suppliers, staff, investors and potential customers.)
  • Mentors and participants can review and comment submitted ideas
  • Best business plans will be presented during Friday, 29th of October
  • People form teams, start working on the projects to deliver in 48hours
  • Sunday evening 6pm – demo day: teams show their working services
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IPO48 Nairobi is organized by HumanIPO and some people from HumanIPO is a start-up platform founded in 2009 and focuses on bringing together small investors with entrepreneurs and start ups by collaborating and networking via a social media platform.
If you would like to help IPO48 either as a mentor or sponsor, please contact

The team

Kresten Buch

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of HumanIPO
LinkedIn profile

David Owino
Founder of HumanIPO Africa
LinkedIn profile

Laura Reitel
Project Manager
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Martin Villig
Advisor, Entrepreneur
LinkedIn Profile | Twitter

Ragnar Sass
Advisor, Entrepreneur
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Rain Rannu

Advisor, Entrepreneur
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