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Clueless Jenna

Jenna’s never exactly been in the “know” when it comes to what really goes on in Mystic Falls—but it looks like she’s finally about to get hit with the whole truth. Although, it’s not as if Jenna hasn’t had plenty of opportunities to be hit on the head with truth already…

Here are just 5 of the things she’s totally missed:

1.Her ex, Alaric, has killed multiple people right under her nose (Logan Fell, Elijah)–but, of course, Jenna’s never suspected a thing.

2.Her niece has an identical body double. Jenna has yet to notice

3.Her ex also spends a highly unusual amount of free time hanging with students outside of class (Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, etc). For some reason though, Jenna doesn’t think that’s strange…

4.Either the Gilbert house is huge—or Jenna’s deaf. Either way, she’s never noticed ANY of the uninvited guests that have crept around her home.

5.Jenna’s had a vampire and a werewolf over for a BBQ…and everyone knew it…but her.

Maybe its love that makes Jenna blind—or maybe she’s just never been the sharpest tool in the shed. Whatever the case may be, Jenna’s definitely in for the shock of a lifetime…

But, after seeing how Matt dealt with the truth, how do you think Jenna will take it?

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