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Thanks bra u were of much helb

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Recharging and managing your data plan via SMS

First ensure that you have data bundles in your dongle (3G+ modem). To recharge via SMS, With EVDO modem, send new text to 130. SMS content: *130*[PIN]
Then buy Internet bundles; to buy bundles send a text to 430. SMS content: #123#[bundle size in MB] e.g. for 100MB, send #123#100 to 430
You are ready to roll, to confirm your balance send a text to 131. SMS content: 131
Hit  the connection button to connect!

Recharging and managing your data plan via the Internet everywhere 3G+ portal

Type in your user name (telephone number) and password (PIN code) and a verification code (Captcha image).
On the home page the following information is available:
My Profile
Top Up Account
Purchase Bundles
Transaction History
Session History
Change Password

How to recharge your account

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