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Poetic Li-Sense- By Harrie G Mkala

Harrie G Makala

For poetry is not jst playing with words,

but putting the words into a play,
superbly chereographed and edited,
providing an aura of a movie from the warner bros
soothing and exciting all at a beat
to make u mumble on the popcorns
and almost feed on ur nose !
to let u get lost in the world of emotions
and chamelionise ur feelings!

Poetry is supposed to charm u,
Make u feel like a believer on his way to paradise,
like an exhausted olympic marathoner on his
way to winning the gold
the satisfaction of a teacher
when his young pupil gets a pretty tough quizz ryt
The warming smile of a burdened ,
destitute, African woman .
Thats poetry!

poetry touches areas uv never bn touched b4!
works with magic craizier than of
the healing water.
so put ur life into the play yrt bwt nw,
and sing along to the swyt melodies ,
put ur voice into life and enjoy the art of speaking,
put ur feet onto the new way
and ul see me wen u get their
Yours Truly,

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